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     I have cleaners from Ilford Cleaning Company come once every two weeks, and it's made such a difference. They do a really thorough clean when they come so all I have to worry about it staying on top of the little things in between. Great service.
Sally Jigg19/05/2020
     By far the best cleaning service we have used.
C. Jelani19/09/2019
     My oven had become very dirty over time and so I felt the best way to handle it was to hire IlfordCarpetCleaners. I knew they would do the job much better than I could and I was right. Their cleaner washed and wiped it fully, until there were no stains, dust or dirt remaining.
Sammy Rose27/05/2015
     Another great service from IlfordCarpetCleaners, wondering when I'm going to be able to stop recommending them to so many people. Every time that they come round, they leave me that little bit more impressed and I can honestly say that I can't recall a time when the whole home has been cleaned to this kind of standard. As ever, very impressive and look forward to your next visit.
K. Todd07/01/2015
     I've never been great at cleaning and this extended to my work place. I knew it was my responsibility to keep the building clean so I looked for some help. IlfordCarpetCleaners were easily the best of the firm, so I spoke with and I hired at once. Their staff were friendly and helpful, so I got the support I needed, when I needed it. They did everything to make the office look clean and I am thoroughly impressed. I'd tell anyone who asked that they are the number one office cleaning team.
Fredrick M.18/12/2014
     I would highly recommend the cleaning services of IlfordCarpetCleaners. I wanted to give my house a complete spring clean and wanted to employ the services of a cleaning company to clean my house from top to bottom, including carpets, windows and oven cleaning. From the moment I telephoned the sales office, it was apparent that the company is a professional cleaning company who were only too pleased to help and nothing was too much trouble for them. I was delighted with the excellent service that I received and will certainly be taking advantage of their services again.
     I am delighted with how easily and successfully the team form IlfordCarpetCleaners has integrated itself in to my company and the office as a whole. They are incredible when it comes to dealing with the staff, as well as ensuring that they are out of the way when they need to be. The cleaning team come after office hours, but many staff work late here, so it is essential that they can do their jobs alongside each other for the relationship to be a successful one.
Louis Phillips31/07/2014
     I've always struggled to keep the house clean with three dogs malting everywhere. I realised that nothing I could do would suffice after I bought a very over-priced vacuum that was supposed to be designed for pet hair and it wasn't an improvement to anything else I've tried. My friend had a similar problem and recommended IlfordCarpetCleaners to come and give it a go. I was amazed at the results! My cleaner knew exactly how to tackle the problem and gave the rest of the house a clean as well! I couldn't be more impressed at the professionalism of everything!
Charlotte F.16/07/2014
     I live in a house full of guys and none of us want to do much in the way of cleaning. Getting in a professional cleaning company to do it all for us has made a big difference and it's made the place much tidier for people coming over. Our cleaning is done regularly and the cleaners have all the products they need so we don't have it by anything for them, they just get on with it. IlfordCarpetCleaners are the cleaners you should call if you need a regular domestic cleaning company to deal with the day to day cleaning jobs - they aren't expensive and turn up whenever you want them to.
Anna G.30/06/2014
     I am a buyer for a local engineering company and I spend most of my week on the road driving from clients to clients. My company car gets very grubby over the week and I try to put aside the time at weekends to give it a clean. My boss told me about IlfordCarpetCleaners who valet his cars on a regular basis. I asked them to come to my home and valet my car. I was amazed at how the car looked after they had finished. It cost me very little money and I find now that the car stays cleaner for longer.
Terence Ross12/06/2014
     In many ways, my life has been changed by the great service that I receive weekly form IlfordCarpetCleaners. It sounds silly, I know, but in the time that I save cleaning, I have devoted myself to getting on with working on a new project which has made me extremely happy. I won't bore anyone with the details, but it is safe to say that I would not have the time to do so if it were not for this amazing cleaning team! If you feel like you could do with a bit more free time in your life, then give them a shout straight away!
Dawn Maxwell29/04/2014
     I've used cleaning companies for many years now, but I've never received such excellent service or had my home look as good as it does after a clean from IlfordCarpetCleaners. I hire a cleaner fortnightly to clean my house as I just don't have the time to do it myself, and my cleaner always works hard to leave my home looking immaculate. I've tried to find a fault with the service but I really, really can't! The prices are great for the quality of the clean, and the staff are very professional, very discreet and very friendly. I can't think of anything bad to say about this cleaning company - they're absolutely fantastic!
     IlfordCarpetCleaners are the best cleaning service I've ever experienced, and I've had the pleasure (and displeasure) of working with a fair few. They really seem to know what they're doing and there seems to be nothing in my home that they can't get looking like new. I'm struggling to find any flaws in the service, and I think that that might be the best thing about it. All round, just a really great cleaning solution which means that I can enjoy a clean home and at a really low price as well. Great service all around, thanks again guys.
Kelly Robinson19/03/2014
     Knowing that you have a cleaning company that you can trust at all times is a really useful thing. I use IlfordCarpetCleaners and have even had them sign for post on occasion, when I'm not in! They guys are lovely to have around, and they really do make light work of what can be a tough cleaning job, which suits me down to the ground! In some ways, I wonder why I ever tried to clean by myself, they are that good!
Sandy B.05/03/2014
     I continue to use IlfordCarpetCleaners's services because I have always been satisfied with their services in the past. I have used them on a number of different occasions, including one-off spring cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Their cleaning staff have great attention to detail and are always very hard working. They are convenient and most importantly, affordable. I don't have to worry about spending too much as they provide reasonable cleaning rates. I am impressed with their service and recommend them to anybody looking for a reliable cleaning company for both small and large tasks.
Gloria T.18/02/2014
     I tend to move around a lot, in and out of different rented accommodation. What this all means is lots of deposits to put down, and lots to get back. Having a professional company like IlfordCarpetCleaners carry out an end-of-tenancy clean once I am out of the place really give me peace of mind that I will secure a full return of each deposit. They have done maybe three or four of my properties now, and each one has been brought back to a terrific state. I would recommend their services to any tenants out there; it isn't expensive and goes a long way with your landlord!
T. Butcher30/01/2014
     I knew I needed to hire professional cleaners because my new house was just too big for me to clean on my own. I really didn't like the idea of having strange people in my house so I did a lot of research and found out some information about IlfordCarpetCleaners. They seemed like an experienced and reliable company so I gave them a call, and it was honestly the best decision I could have made. This is a fantastically dependable cleaning company and I recommend them to everyone! If you're worried about hiring cleaners then this is the polite and friendly company you need to put yourself at ease!
     This company really is a life-saver! I was in a really bad place in my life and I couldn't cope with looking after the kids, the house and myself, it was just getting to be too much. I really hoped that IlfordCarpetCleaners would be able to help me and I wasn't left feeling disappointed! Within a couple of hours my home was amazingly clean - I've never seen anything like it. My kitchen and bathroom both looked like showroom installations and my living room carpets looked brand new! This service has helped make sure I have the spare time I need to relax and unwind - I don't know what I'd do without them!
     Boy can these guys clean! They are consummate professionals. I had all but given up trying to maintain my delicate leather upholstery - it was getting on a bit and I was tired of spending hours trying to polish it up with little or no success. I though as a final roll of the dice before getting rid of it I would call the professionals, so I jumped on the phone to IlfordCarpetCleaners. When I saw the results I was seriously impressed, and it didn't take them any time at all! Before you make a drastic decision give these guys a call, you will be blown away by what they can do.
Mel Geldard05/12/2013

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